Insta White (Gluta)


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Consuming supplements everyday will result for effectiveness. The supplement will detoxify all the chemicals and toxins that is on your body to cleanse your digestive system, to have a healthy body, radiant and clear skin.

Insta White supplement not just focused on making your skin white but also: 

• Anti-aging
• contribute for beautiful hair & nails
• reduce wrinkles, fine lines, roughness & sagging of skin
• prevent premature aging
• reduce anxiety
• healthy bone structure
• prevent heart disease 
• prevent cancer
• lower high sugar level
• lower blood pressure
• lower cholesterol level
• improve blood circulation
• prevent acne
• anti-stress
• healthy digestive system
• healthy skin
• improve memory (Alzheimer’s disease protection)
• reduce inflammation
• moisture your skin
• prevent diabetes
• boost immune system
• treat skin pigmentation
• regenerate your skin after breakouts

Take twice a day(4 tablets per day) 
120 tablets(30 days)